Hi, I'm Scott Scharf

An entrepreneur with a unique focus: transforming ecommerce and cloud accounting businesses.

My ambition is to help you, fellow entrepreneurs, take back control of your business’s thriving future. Together, we'll turn chaos into structure, and sleepless nights into peaceful rest. Your business will serve you, not the other way around.

Over the last decade, I've journeyed into the heart of ecommerce and accounting, immersing myself in its technologies, processes, and automations. As the co-founder of Catching Clouds, a groundbreaking cloud accounting firm supporting leading ecommerce businesses, I've not only been a guide but a crucial contributor to their financial success.

My footprint in the industry is widespread. I speak at conferences, contribute to advisory boards, and infuse my technical product management expertise into the operations of cloud accounting and ecommerce applications. All these endeavors rest on a strong foundation built over decades as an entrepreneur, IT specialist, security expert, product manager, and consultant.

In this next phase of my career, as a consultant, I'm not just a problem solver—I’m a partner in your success. Together, we’ll strategize, hone processes, discover and implement tech solutions, navigate change management, and have you love your business again. Consider me an extension of you—a business owner clone—ready to dive into tasks you'd otherwise duplicate yourself for. By amplifying your vision, we'll journey together towards your thriving future.

I love spending time with my wife (and co-founder of Catching Clouds) and my two college-aged kids. I live in Colorado, love the outdoors, and love exploring the world through hiking and travel.

I am a massive geek who loves reading science fiction and fantasy. If you hop on a call with me, you’ll likely see my Star Wars Lego structures in the background and won’t be able to miss the giant Hobbit hole on my wall.

How I got here

First Astronomy App

As a kid, I helped my father write the first commercially available astronomy application, Tellstar, on a 4 digit serial number Apple IIe.


IT Professional Career

Started at Computerland in West Los Angeles in high school, worked at various computer companies through college, then started the Microsoft practice at PEI in Boulder. Ran the security practice for a national IT provider.

1983 - 2005

Global Subject Matter Expert

Consulting Manager, Senior Product Manager and Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing expert for British Telecom

2005 - 2012

Launched first Ecommerce Accounting Firm

Launched Catching Clouds, the first cloud ecommerce accounting firm, with my wife Patti


A2Xaccounting Partner

Found A2Xaccounting, became friends and fractional product manager to solve ecommerce income recording challenges.


Ecommerce Accounting Expert

Joined Ecommercefuel.com as the first accounting, sales tax, and cloud inventory expert


Merged Catching Clouds into Acuity.co

Merged Catching Clouds into Acuity.co, an 8 figure cloud accounting firm.  Exited Acuity.co in April 2023

August 2021

Launched Scharf Consulting

My next adventure and back to consulting with entrepreneurs.

July 2023

Need expert guidance for your business? Look no further.